Beth R. Anderson-Moorhead is an artist, designer and advocate of wildlife conservation. A “Naturalist” by choice, Beth also explores the world of abstract, non-figurative and symbolic art and its relationship to nature. Weather she is centering on either abstract or landscape form, her work is strong in color and passion while retaining a sense of calmness and playfulness. Beth's work can be found in private collections throughout the United States.


Prior to laying paint to canvas, a series of watercolors are created to develop the structure, style and color of each acrylic or oil painting. Many watercolors you see here or on are designed to capture the mood or feel of the day. Regardless of the motif, utilizing various under-painting techniques Beth's work becomes emotional statements inviting the viewer to share some of the excitement and pleasure she experienced when creating the work.


Beth has worked professionally as an artist, designer and marketing executive for over 25 years. Painting from the time she was seven, Beth holds degrees from the University of Minnesota in Applied Design, Marketing and Music -  supplemented with two years of studies in graphic design and commercial illustration.

While exploring the world of wildlife and folk art as a child in northern Minnesota, Beth learned knife pallet and brush techniques from Bunny Humphrey and the use of templates and quick watercolor wash from the legendary Les Kouba. Fascinated in her teens with various colors, fabrics and design elements, Interior Designer Ray Elliot taught Moorhead how design periods in history could repeat themselves in various forms. While studying under Eugene Larkin and Marian-Ortolf Bagley at the University of Minnesota, she met international artist and designer Henning Blak Jensen. Mr. Jensen a graduate of the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in France was also a student of post-impressionist artists, Ernest, Picasso and Matisse. Henning's master classes taught Beth how to use form, line and color to evoke emotional responses from audiences in her paintings and the importance of human emotion and sensitivities as catalysts for the creation of great art and design.


In 2016, she launched, a website designed to connect people with nature through art and our connection to the land, ourselves and one another. Beth R. Anderson-Moorhead invites you to share in her experiences and the work that reflects her relationship with the land, all things natural and our connection to mother earth.

On the way to Monaghan County, Ireland
12H x 16W | Watercolor on d’ARCHES®
Copyright Beth R. Anderson-Moorhead


Born in Brainerd, MN
Since 1972, painting and exhibiting professionally
Since 1996: Owner Moorhead & Co.
Since 2016: Owner and manager,


B.S. Degree, Applied Design & Marketing | University of Minnesota, 1988
A.A. Degree, Graphic Design/Commercial Illustration | University of Minnesota, 1989
Graduate study in oils and acrylics | Henning Blak Jensen
Undergraduate study in design | Marian-Ortolf Bagley, Eugene Larkin